The Excruciatingly Beautiful Tale Of A Happy Addict

Black shiny terror
Curls around his heart
This child weeps
Within for lost collusion
He tries
To touch a soul with fingertips
All twist away and shudder from his grasp

Wretched, cloying hope
Won't hide the masks
His answers fade away
As dust, but one
He throws
Off fear to take a first red bite
The poison tracing lineage on his lips

White winged needle
Brings him home at last
Haunted, hated moon of nefarious night
Reflecting dawn of ethereal day
A wondrous joy
Explodes within his heart
Yet snakes of stolen pleasure will not pause

Forked black venom
Hisses in his blood
As waking nightmares
Writhe beneath his dreams
A victim or a hero
Smiling now
Sliding into sleep without a sigh

© Omma Velada 2004